How Can Data-driven Marketing Help Your School? (Part II of II)

In part I, we eavesdropped on a conversation between Marty Luther and Abigail Rogers as they discussed the benefits of applying data to their school’s marketing programs. Now, the new Director of Advancement at a California boarding school and its Director of Communications are discussing what marketing channels to track and what data to zero in on. Marty starts by noting that data is everywhere, including in places you may not think. Certain parent research, clicks on news items on the website, the number of registrations for Grandparents Day versus actual attendance – on and on. He asks, “How do we avoid drowning in it? A simple rule I favor is: ‘don’t ask questions if you’re not prepared

Multi-Channel Measurement

“Susan,” the new Director of Communications at a K-8 school in the Northeast, was planning a marketing campaign to support her school’s Admissions team. Their open house had been less successful than hoped, and they planned a second open house and an extension of the acceptance deadline. The school had recently reduced many of its budget lines, and Susan was under pressure from her boss, the Director of Advancement, to account for every dollar spent on the campaign. Traditionally, Susan’s school sent postcards to local families, placed ads in local publications and banners on the school website, and asked certain parents to display lawn signs. She felt it was crucial to try some targeted dig

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