What Marketing Can - and Can't - Do for Your School, Part I

NOTE: This article also appeared in Independent Thinking's Head's Letter in January, 2018. There was a time in the past when “marketing” was viewed as inconsequential, perhaps even harmful to a school. However, as many schools are buffeted by demographic shifts, resistance to high tuition, competition from new education models, and increased demands from millennial parents, the perception of the “M” word is changing. In an ironic twist, some potentially desperate school leaders have flipped the script, now attributing magical powers to this previously-scorned or overlooked function. The time is right to define what marketing can do for your school, what is beyond marketing’s influence, and m

What Marketing Can - and Can't - Do for Your School, Part II

In Part 1, I examined what marketing can - and can't - do for schools. It ended with a bit of a teaser.. What If…some seemingly insurmountable obstacles are actually addressable through creative marketing and communications? And now we continue that thread. What if, by shifting your mindset, you can use strategic marketing to create a different lens through which your constituents can view your school? What if you consider the following possibilities, including case studies of school marketers tackling or uncovering perceived issues head-on? Use targeted communications to address prospective families based on unique interests that map with your strengths. Refute a core perception or stereot

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