Best Practices in Data-Driven Marketing, Part 1: NAIS Article, Winter, 2018

In this era of big data, many of us understand that our lives are continually being tracked, both on- and offline. It’s no coincidence that the vehicle you researched on CarMax instantly shows up as an ad on another website. Your movements on Google Maps help the company determine other information to show you. The business world has capitalized on the evolution in technology, media, and consumer attitudes to reshape strategic decision-making. While there is still a place for educated hunches, business marketing increasingly leverages data from a customer’s actions and attitudes to drive choices in products, messaging, channels, and content. And just as the education field has followed the b

Best Practices in Data-Driven Marketing, Part II: NAIS Article

Originally Published in NAIS Independent School Magazine, Winter 2018 In part 1, I discussed the dynamics of data-driven marketing, the social and technology changes underlying it, how three leading schools used strategic marketing to exceed their goals. Read part 1 now! Continue Reading: See Three More Exceptional Case Studies Using Data-driven Marketing Buckingham Browne & Nichols School: Expanding Diversity In 2006, the board of directors at Buckingham Browne & Nichols (MA), a K to 12 coed school, assessed the demographics of race in Cambridge and Boston, and wondered why the school’s student diversity didn’t reflect that of its broader target market. Minorities made up only 24.7 percent

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