Habit in Independent School Marketing: Friend or Foe? Part 1

How big a role does habit play in our society, in our institutions, and in our own behavior? Simple answer: huge. So significant, in fact, that habit has been one of the biggest topics covered by philosophers, writers, and self-help gurus from the Greek heyday to today. This article zeroes in on a distinct niche within this macro subject: how does habit affect marketing in independent schools? What are the core marketing habits in private education, and do they help or hinder schools grappling with the rapid change created by external forces (demographic, technological, sociological) to forces created at least in part by schools themselves (financial and competitive)? Before we tackle these

Habit in Independent School Marketing: Friend or Foe? Part II

See part I of this "Habit" piece for the definitions of "friend" and "foe" habits and much more! How Habits Change Despite their powerful grip, it is a fact that habits change. People start exercising more, reading more, going to church more – or they spend even more time on their various screens or eating at Taco Bell. The “why’s” are far beyond the scope of this piece, as they include countless subjective and objective factors. But this doesn’t mean analysis is fruitless. In fact, we can sometimes trace the effects of certain changes in habits to a single or limited number of causes. Take smoking, the most commonly cited (bad) habit among Americans. Smoking among all Americans has declined

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