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Campaign Integration

Campaign Integration

Do you ever feel like your marketing programs are not in sync? You are not alone. Many educational institutions, and even many businesses with reasonably sophisticated marketing, find themselves missing opportunities to align their themes, programs, stories, and successes, often leading to a inconsistent messaging, confused constituents, and branding challenges. 

What is campaign integration? It is the connection between your printed, electronic, social, and human (e.g. Admissions and Development) resources that ensures you are emphasizing the same key points about your school, college, or university. Think of it like the common phrase, "we all have to be on the same page." Some of the areas in which you want your emails, website, newsletters, magazines, print and digital ads, and your own social media to be aligned are: 

  • Goals

  • Language

  • Branding

  • Strengths/Points of emphasis 

  • Weaknesses/areas to address

  • Statistics/data

  • Timing

  • "Why" our school/college/university

No Silos


The relevant phrase I hear most often about management and communications in education institutions

is "silo thinking." This is often most pronounced in organizations with long histories, and ironically, success,

because of the "it works, why change" mentality. When admissions, development/advancement, and 

communications people work in a vacuum, there may not be immediate problems, but there are often

insidious, long-term effects that gradually change constituent perceptions and tangible results  in

enrollment, retention, and fundraising,

If you are integrating your primary messages effectively across all your marketing channels and within your

groups like Admissions and Development that work with your external audiences, congratulations! If you

are struggling, there are many potential areas of your culture, organizational structure and even basics

like your meetings and shared projects that could be at the root of the misalignment.

Does this sound like your institution? Let EdChanges share lessons from our 30 years of silo-busting experience in complex organizations. William Bullard has helped align groups such as communications, admissions, and development in schools and marketing, sales, and product management in the business world.


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