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Mike Connor Strategic Associates

Mike was one of my first connections in education, and is a generous professional as well as one of the most innovative market researchers in the independent school world. I've been honored as Mike has asked me to republish four related versions of my marketing articles on his blog and Resources section.


Mike touched up my article on "what marketing can - and can't - do for your school with this piece, writing:

"We’re not saying this is bigger news than Einstein’s 1915 attempt to explain the "theory of everything," but guest blogger William Bullard’s well-researched and case study-rich examples of what marketing can do, what it can’t do, and the area in-between (which I’d call physics' "observer effect") posits that you can change reality and behavior by simply observing it."

Is There a Unified Field Theory for K-12 Marketing?

February 4, 2018

Mike writes that Ravenscroft School benefits from external image audit, enrollment feasibility study, and five-year-forecast, referencing part of my NAIS article and case studies on data-driven marketing

Improving Your Enrollment Through Image Audits and Predictive Modeling: A Case Study

January 7, 2018


eBook developed by me and Jake Youmell of the Enroll Media Group:


Optimize Your School's MARCOM Efforts with a Communications Audit

June, 2019

Mike writes: "This article by a former business marketer turned independent school Director of Communications has some thoughtful and practical insights for school heads, trustees, and senior administrators.  It was initially published in the February and April 2014 editions of the National Association of Independent Schools' The Savvy Trustee."

Spotlight on Marketing: What Schools Can Learn From Business

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