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Admissions and Enrollment Marketing 

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Marketing is an essential part of the success of a school, and nowhere is it more critical than in admissions and enrollment management, because tuition is easily the most important revenue stream. Marketing and communications professionals have a significant opportunity to influence this critical process by sharing their strategic and technical knowledge with the admissions office. An effective partnership can increase both the number and quality of applicants and result in improved yield. This synergy in turn will be recognized by Heads and board members, resulting in increased support for both departments.

Aligning Your Resources 

The most effective education institutions foster a very close alignment between their Communications/Marketing and Admissions teams. This is often revealed in the two teams having regular meetings to collaborate and share ideas and tales from the road. Marketers learn what goes on in the fast-paced real life world of admissions, in which personal relationships are paramount and the "value" of a top student or family engenders complex discussion. Open-minded Admissions people appreciate that astute marketers understand how to identify optimally-qualified prospects, select the ideal marketing strategies to reach those targets, and (at advanced schools and most of higher ed) help Admissions teams "nurture" the best prospects from inquiry to acceptance to enrollment.

How Do Marketers Best Support Your Admissions Colleagues?

  • Helping you develop a strategic marketing plan that is integrated into the School's broader goals

  • Targeting the prospects who best fit your admissions strategy

  • Developing effective marketing programs and assisting you in selecting the optimal marketing channels

  • Delivering hands-on support, as appropriate within your institution 's structure, on time-intensive channels such as the website and email

  • Helping you analyze campaign results and tweaking your tactics accordingly

  • Nurturing your good and best prospects from the inquiry phase through acceptance of an admissions offer

  • In higher ed, delivering solutions to help identify at-risk students and  support personal outreach with targeted marketing communications. 

Enrollment marketing is the area that can benefit the most from the exciting new developments in marketing and database technologies. We hope you glean many strategic and tactical insights from our site!

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