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Data-Driven Marketing for Education Institutions


Data-driven marketing applies the results and information from your marketing activities to direct decisions on what audiences to target, what channels and media to use, how to best allocate your resources, and how to create relevance and engagement.


Guiding Principles of Data-driven Marketing


1. Can help every school, college, or university improve its performance.


​2. Is your guide, but not your boss.


3. Works differently in every institution, depending on your culture, skill level, degree of collaboration, and leadership support.


4. Includes more than just numbers; it also covers paths, journeys, personas, and mor


5. Provides many layers of insight, from the head of school seeing basic survey findings to the director of communications deeply       

    understanding web behavior.


6. Is a way of thinking.


7. Can be measured one of two fundamental ways: by medium (e.g. email, digital ads) or process (e.g admissions, fundraising).


8. Facilitates deeply personal communication.


9.Delivers intelligence on a wide spectrum of subjects, such as messaging effectiveness, media allocation, social engagement, and constituent needs.


10. Maximizes your marketing return on investment (ROI).

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