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Increase Higher Ed Enrollment with Lead Generation and Nurturing

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Many Higher Education leaders describe their institution's admission, retention, and other growth-related programs as "strategic enrollment management." While that term covers many significant areas, including curriculum and facilities, the strategies shared in this post focus on how to increase your inquiries, applications, and yield rate using lead nurturing strategies — a vital piece of enrollment marketing.

Enrollment marketing can be simplistically segmented into two phases: lead generation and lead nurturing. Let's begin with lead generation.

Phase I: Lead Generation

The goal of lead generation is to increase submitted applications through integrated marketing, digital advertising, and social media campaigns. This topic has received significant attention for the reasons below. Please note that new marketing tools are necessary but not sufficient for successful lead creation. You must still develop marketing goals, define your target audience, select the optimal channels, create targeted messages, and execute iteratively.

Why are Lead Gen Strategies on the Rise in Higher Ed?

In general, the same marketing strategies that used to work — like billboards and print ads — are expensive, don't offer ROI, and are declining in effectiveness among today's digital-dependent consumers.

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