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The Past, Present, and Future of Education Marketing: A Video Series

Marketing most likely started in the U.S. in 1704 with a newspaper ad in the Boston "News-Letter." That began the evolution to magazine ads, billboards, catalogs, radio, television, and then the digital onslaught. Colleges, universities, and independent schools followed with their own ads, posters,Viewbooks, and gradually moved to the internet, social media, and much more.The origins of marketing are fascinating and you will see a lot of them in this video series. What I found even more interesting, though, was that the marketing of the past is directly responsible for the jaw-dropping emergence of what I call "tech-driven marketing" that is completely reshaping the marketing of today and tomorrow. In this ten-part video series, you will see how omni-channel marketing, marketing automation and lead nurturing, programmatic advertising, predictive analytics, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are leading a sea change in marketing. Businesses are already using many of these technologies and services to make marketing more strategic, personalized, data-driven, and integrated. Colleges, universities, and independent schools will follow suit - but the question is, when. These videos will help education marketers understand these powehouse offerings and how you can begin using them to transform your admissions, retention, and fundraising. The future isn't just coming - it's already knocking at your door. Start with this video below and then jump to the nine short videos that follow:


Thanks for watching - Your comments about THE past, present, or future of marketing are welcome!

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