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Education marketing is evolving. Are you ready?

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Strategic thinking is a challenge for even the most successful schools, colleges, and universities. It requires the will to dig deeply - and objectively - into your institution's strengths, weaknesses, mission, and goals, as well as the competitive landscape. Though we are not here to help you with critical strategic issues relating to governance, curriculum, tuition, and aid philosophy, or other broader strategic matters,we can offer insights on your marketing strategy and planning.

Broad, Important Questions


This higher level of strategic thinking and planning is a pre-requisite for effective marketing strategy You need to fully understand your target audience, the relevant marketplace and its perception of you, your competition, and broader changes within your segment of private education. Do your mission, goals, and brand  align with the academic, arts, athletics, and extra-curricular offerings you promote in your ads and on your website? Have you performed research programs to clarify how well your reputation and programs match the needs of the families you prioritize? Do you test and use data from your marketing campaigns to optimize your decisions on the true impact of the your programs? How does marketing support your Admissions team in bringing in qualified leads and helping your colleagues to communicate effectively with the highest-potential prospects?


Marketing Strategy in Education 


These are just some of the crucial manifestations of marketing strategy in private education. Though top educational institutions have a significant advantage over newer or less successful competitors because their brands are usually well-established and their target audience clearly delineated, even they must be alert to modifying their strategies and tactics based on demographic, financial, and societal trends. Lower-performing or newer schools, colleges, and universities have an even more acute marketing challenge and opportunity: they must establish sound marketing strategies and plans and implement them effectively to ensure their future success or even survival.

If you are unclear whether to, or how to, think strategically, we welcome you to browse for new perspectives on marketing planning, data-driven marketing, campaign integration, and many other areas of interest.

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