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How Can EdChanges Transform Your Marketing?


Colleges, universities, and independent schools are under increasing pressure today. With financial, societal, competitive, demographic, and global forces roiling private education, most institutions need to reassess their marketing strategies. These decisions have profound effects on your admissions, retention, and advancement campaigns.


Do you have a strategic marketing plan? Are you using the data from your website, email, and social media to discover what's of interest to your readers? Do you use personlization, benchmarking, and testing to develop and analyze your marketing campaigns? 

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, take a bow. If not, you need to answer this question: can you afford to stay with basic -"marginal" - marketing in your e-news, website, social media, and print? Or are more profound, strategic – transformational – alterations required?

If you are concerned about your marketing effectiveness, worried about your institution's future, or simply want to understand how transformational marketing could help you, get in touch with us and/or take a look at  few of the leading-edge eBooks, podcasts, webinars, and presentations below. We look forward to serving you!

Transformational Marketing Content


I have had the pleasure of contributing a variety of marketing content to industry leaders such as NAIS, the Enrollment Management Association, Blackbaud, and Finalsite. Here are a few of the more transformational articles, podcasts, and webinars I've created:

NOTE: to see the complete list of my content, including presentation decks, eBooks, more articles, and blog posts, just mouse over the "Media" tab above (laptop/desktop) or the "hamburger box" (mobile) to select a content choice.

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